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Session 1.2
work with the Seasonal database on a floppy disk, per your instructor’s requirements, you
must also compact the database so that it will fit on the disk as you progress through the
tutorials. Consult with your instructor or technical support staff to see if they recommend
your using the Compact on Close option while working from a floppy disk.
To set the option for compacting the Seasonal database:
1. Make sure the Seasonal Database window is open.
2. Click Tools on the menu bar, and then click Options . The Options dialog box opens.
3. Click the General tab in the dialog box, and then click the Compact on Close check box to
select it. See Figure 1-19.
General tab of the Options dialog box
Figure 1-19
Compact on
Close option is
4. Click the OK button to set the option.
Trouble? If you are working from a floppy disk, you might receive message or warning
dialog boxes when setting this option. Click OK and continue with the tutorial. See your
instructor or technical support staff if you have problems with this option.
5. Click the Close Window button
on the menu bar. Access closes the Seasonal database
file and compacts it automatically.
Note: If the database you are compacting is located on a floppy disk, it is very impor-
tant that you wait until the compacting procedure is complete before removing the floppy
disk. Wait until the light on the floppy disk drive goes off and the whirring noise made by
the floppy disk drive stops. If you remove the disk before compacting has finished, you
could damage your database.
Converting an Access 2000 Database
Another important database management task is converting a database so that you can
work with it in a different version of Access. As noted earlier in this tutorial, the default file
format for databases you create in Access 2003 is Access 2000. This enables you to work
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