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28. Using the system requirements listed in Question 27, look through a recent computer
magazine and find the least expensive computer that will run the Microsoft Office 2003
Professional software. Make a photocopy of the ad showing the specifications, price,
and vendor. Write the name of the magazine and the issue date at the top of the photo-
copied ad. Write a short paper that supports your selection.
29. You have learned that the use of multimedia requires special hardware and software.
Look for current prices and specifications of multimedia hardware in advertisements in
magazines or in your local newspaper. What are the highest priced devices, and why
are they so expensive? In the following chart, add the specifications and price for the
most expensive examples of these devices that you can find. Look at the computer
advertisement shown in Figure 1 and determine if the computer specifications listed in
the ad are sufficient to run multimedia. If not, write a statement that justifies adding the
cost of the higher-quality device you listed here.
Multimedia Device
DVD-ROM drive
Large, high-resolution
Lab Assignments
The New Perspectives Labs are designed to help you master some of the key concepts and
skills presented in this text. The steps for completing the Labs are located on the Course
Technology Web site. Log on to the Internet and use your Web browser to go to the Student
Online Companion for New Perspectives Office 2003 at .
Click the Lab Assignments link, and then navigate to the assignments for this tutorial.
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