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Session 2.1
Now you can create the Position table in the Northeast database.
Creating a Table
Creating a table involves naming the fields and defining the properties for the fields, spec-
ifying a primary key for the table, and then saving the table structure. You will use Elsa’s
design (Figure 2-5) as a guide for creating the Position table in the Northeast database.
To begin creating the Position table:
1. Click the New button in the Database window. The New Table dialog box opens. See
Figure 2-6.
Figure 2-6
New Table dialog box
click to design
your own table
other ways to
define a table
Trouble? If the New File task pane opens, you clicked the New button on the
Database toolbar instead of the New button in the Database window. Click the Close but-
ton to close the task pane, and then repeat Step 1.
In Access, you can create a table from entered data (Datasheet View), define your own
table (Design View), use a wizard to automate the table creation process (Table Wizard), or
use a wizard to import or link data from another database or other data source (Import
Table or Link Table). For the Position table, you will define your own table.
2. Click Design View in the list box, and then click the OK button. The Table window opens
in Design view. (Note that you can also double-click the “Create table in Design view”
option in the Database window to open the Table window in Design view.) See Figure 2-7.
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