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Session 2.1
The first field you need to define is PositionID.
To define the PositionID field:
1. Type PositionID in the first row’s Field Name text box, and then press the Tab key (or
press the Enter key) to advance to the Data Type text box. The default data type, Text,
appears highlighted in the Data Type text box, which now also contains a list arrow, and
field properties for a text field appear in the Field Properties pane. See Figure 2-8.
Figure 2-8
Table window after entering the first field name
field name
default data type
click for a list
of data types
propertie s for
a text field
F1 key displays
Help information
default property
values for a
text field
Notice that the right side of the Field Properties pane now provides an explanation for the
current property, Data Type. You can display Help information about the current property
by pressing the F1 key.
Trouble? If you make a typing error, you can correct it by clicking to position the insertion
point, and then using either the Backspace key to delete characters to the left of the inser-
tion point or the Delete key to delete characters to the right of the insertion point. Then
type the correct text.
Because the PositionID numbers will not be used in calculations, you will assign the text
data type (as opposed to the number data type) to the PositionID field.
2. Press the Tab key to accept Text as the data type and to advance to the Description
text box.
Next you’ll enter the Description property value as “Primary key.” You can use the
Description property to enter an optional description for a field to explain its purpose or
usage. A field’s Description property can be up to 255 characters long, and its value
appears on the status bar when you view the table datasheet. Note that specifying
“Primary key” for the Description property does not establish the current field as the pri-
mary key; you use a toolbar button to specify the primary key, which you will do later in
this session.
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