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Session 2.1
3. Type Primary key in the Description text box.
Notice the Field Size property for the text field. The default setting of “50” is displayed. You
need to change this number to “4” because all PositionID values at NSJI contain only 4 digits.
4. Double-click the number 50 in the Field Size property box to select it, and then type 4 .
By default, the Caption property for a field is blank. You need to set this property for the
PositionID field to display “Position ID” as the column or label name in tables, forms,
reports, and so on. (Refer to the Access Help system for a complete description of all the
properties available for the different data types.)
5. Click to position the insertion point in the Caption property box, and then type Position
ID . The definition of the first field is completed. See Figure 2-9.
PositionID field defined
Figure 2-9
property entered
Text data
type selected
Field Size
property set
property set
Elsa’s Position table design shows PositionTitle as the second field. You will define
PositionTitle as a text field with a Field Size of 30, which is a sufficient length for any title
values that will be entered. You’ll also set the Caption property for this field.
To define the PositionTitle field:
1. In the Table Design grid, place the insertion point in the second row’s Field Name text box,
type PositionTitle in the text box, and then press the Tab key to advance to the Data Type
text box.
2. Press the Tab key to accept Text as the field’s data type.
According to Elsa’s design (Figure 2-5), you do not need to enter a description for this field.
If you’ve assigned a descriptive field name and the field does not fulfill a special function
(such as primary key), you usually do not enter a value for the optional Description prop-
erty. PositionTitle is a field that does not require a value for its Description property.
Next, you’ll change the Field Size property to 30. Note that when defining the fields in a
table, you can move between the Table Design grid and the Field Properties pane of the
Table window by pressing the F6 key .
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