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Session 2.2
10. Type 9/15/2006 in the EndDate field, and then press the Tab key. Access displays the
value as 09/15/2006, shifts the display of the datasheet back to the left, stores the first
completed record in the Position table, removes the pencil symbol from the first row’s
record selector, advances the insertion point to the second row’s PositionID text box, and
places the current record symbol in the second row’s record selector.
Now you can enter the values for the second record.
11. Refer back to Figure 2-16, and repeat Steps 3 through 10 to add the second record to the
table. Access saves the record in the Position table, and moves the insertion point to the
beginning of the third row. See Figure 2-19.
Figure 2-19
Position table datasheet after entering the second record
two adde d
Notice that “Record 3 of 3” appears around the navigation buttons, even though the table
contains only two records. Access is anticipating that you will enter a new record, which
would be the third of three records in the table. If you moved the insertion point to the sec-
ond record, the display would change to “Record 2 of 2.”
Notice that the two records are currently listed in the order in which you entered them.
However, once you close the table or change to another view, and then redisplay the
table datasheet, the records will be listed in primary key order by the values in the
PositionID field.
Modifying the Structure of an Access Table
Even a well-designed table might need to be modified. For example, the government at all
levels and competitors place demands on a company to track more data and to modify the
data it already tracks. Access allows you to modify a table’s structure in Design view: you can
add and delete fields, change the order of fields, and change the properties of the fields.
After holding a meeting with her staff members and reviewing the structure of the
Position table and the format of the field values in the datasheet, Elsa has several changes
she wants you to make to the table. First, she has decided that it’s not necessary to keep
track of the name of the person who originally requested a particular position, so she wants
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