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Session 2.2
4. Click the Yes button to close the dialog box and to delete the field and its values from the
table. See Figure 2-21.
Figure 2-21
Table structure after deleting ReferredBy field
field was
from here
You have deleted the ReferredBy field in the Table window, but the change doesn’t take
place in the table on disk until you save the table structure. Because you have other modi-
fications to make to the table, you’ll wait until you finish them all before saving the modi-
fied table structure to disk.
Moving a Field
To move a field, you use the mouse to drag it to a new location in the Table window in
Design view. Your next modification to the Position table structure is to move the
Openings field to the end of the table, as Elsa requested.
To move the Openings field:
1. Click the row selector for the Openings field to select the entire row.
2. If necessary, scroll the Table Design grid so that you can see both the selected Openings
field and the empty row below the EndDate field at the same time.
3. Place the pointer in the row selector for the Openings field, click the
pointer, and then
drag the
pointer to the row selector below the EndDate row selector. See Figure 2-22.
Figure 2-22
Moving a field in the table structure
selected field
move pointer
position the move pointer in this row selector
4. Release the mouse button. Access moves the Openings field below the EndDate field in the
table structure.
Trouble? If the Openings field did not move, repeat Steps 1 through 3, making sure you
firmly hold down the mouse button during the drag operation.
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