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Session 2.2
Figure 2-24
Experience field added to the Position table
new field
Default Value
property set
to “No”
You’ve completed adding the Experience field to the Position table in Design view. As
with the other changes you’ve made in Design view, however, the Experience field is not
added to the Position table in the Northeast database until you save the changes to the
table structure.
Changing Field Properties
Elsa’s last modification to the table structure is to remove the dollar signs from the Wage
field values displayed in the datasheet—repeated dollar signs are unnecessary and they
clutter the datasheet. As you learned earlier when defining the StartDate and EndDate
fields, you use the Format property to control the display of a field value.
To change the Format property of the Wage field:
1. Click the Description text box for the Wage field. The Wage field is now the current field.
2. Click the right side of the Format text box to display the Format list box. See Figure 2-25.
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