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Session 2.2
Format list box for the Wage field
Figure 2-25
sample for each
Format property
To the right of each Format property option is a field value whose appearance represents a
sample of the option. The Standard option specifies the format Elsa wants for the Wage field.
3. Click Standard in the Format list box to accept this option for the Format property.
Notice the Property Update Options button , which appears next to the Format prop-
erty text box. This button allows you to have changes to properties take effect in other
database objects.
Updating Field Property Changes
When you change a field’s property in Design view, you can update the corresponding
property on forms and reports that include the field you’ve modified. For example, in the
preceding steps, you changed the Format property of the Wage field to Standard. If the
Northeast database included forms or reports that contained the Wage field, you could
choose to propagate , or update, the modified property in those forms and reports so that
their Wage field values would be displayed in the Standard format.
To see the options for updating field property changes:
1. Position the pointer on the Property Update Options button , and then click the list
arrow that appears. A menu of related options is displayed. See Figure 2-26.
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