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Session 2.2
Figure 2-26
Updating changes to field properties
select this option to update field property changes
The “Help on propagating field properties” option takes you to a Help window for more
information. The Update option allows you to select the objects you want to update with
the property change.
2. Click Update Format everywhere Wage is used . A message box opens, indicating that
no objects needed to be updated. This is because the Northeast database does not cur-
rently contain any forms or reports that might include the Wage field. If the database did
contain such objects, the Update Properties dialog box would open, and you could then
select the forms and reports containing the field that needs to be updated.
3. Click the OK button to close the message box. The Property Update Options button is no
longer displayed in the Field Properties pane.
Elsa wants you to add a third record to the Position table datasheet. Before you can add
the record, you must save the modified table structure, and then switch to the Position
table datasheet.
To save the modified table structure, and then switch to the datasheet:
1. Click the Save button on the Table Design toolbar. The modified table structure for the
Position table is stored in the Northeast database. Note that if you forget to save the modi-
fied structure and try to close the table or switch to another view, Access will prompt you
to save the table before you can continue.
2. Click the View button for Datasheet view
on the Table Design toolbar. The Position
table datasheet opens. See Figure 2-27.
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