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Session 2.2
Datasheet for the modified Position table
Figure 2-27
field added
records appear in
primary key order
dollar signs removed
check box for a yes/no field
Notice that the ReferredBy field no longer appears in the datasheet, the Openings field
is now the rightmost column (you might need to scroll the datasheet to see it), the Wage
field values do not contain dollar signs, and the Experience field appears between the
HoursPerWeek and StartDate fields. The Experience column contains check boxes to rep-
resent the yes/no field values. Empty check boxes signify “No,” which is the default value
you assigned to the Experience field. A check mark in the check box indicates a “Yes”
value. Also notice that the records appear in ascending order based on the value in the
PositionID field, the Position table’s primary key, even though you did not enter the
records in this order.
Elsa asks you to add a third record to the table. This record is for a position that
requires prior work experience.
To add the record to the modified Position table:
1. Click the New Record button on the Table Datasheet toolbar. The insertion point
moves to the PositionID field for the third row, which is the next row available for a
new record.
2. Type 2020 . The pencil symbol appears in the row selector for the third row, and the star
appears in the row selector for the fourth row. Recall that these symbols represent a record
being edited and the next available record, respectively.
3. Press the Tab key. The insertion point moves to the PositionTitle field. Recall that
“PositionTitle” is the name of the field as it is stored in the database, and “Position Title” is
the value specified for this field’s Caption property. (This text generally refers to fields by
their field names, not by their captions.)
4. Type Host/Hostess , press the Tab key to move to the EmployerID field, type 10163 , and
then press the Tab key again. The Wage field is now the current field.
5. Type 18.5 and then press the Tab key. Access displays the value as “18.50” (with no
dollar sign).
6. Type 32 in the HoursPerWeek field, and then press the Tab key. The Experience field is now
the current field.
Recall that the default value for this field is “No,” which means the check box is initially
empty. For yes/no fields with check boxes, you press the Tab key to leave the check box
unchecked; you press the spacebar or click the check box to add or remove a check mark in
the check box. Because this position requires experience, you need to insert a check mark
in the check box.
7. Press the spacebar . A check mark appears in the check box.
8. Press the Tab key, type 6/15/2006 in the StartDate field, press the Tab key, and then type
10/1/2006 in the EndDate field.
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