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Session 2.2
Obtaining Data from Another Access Database
Sometimes the data you need for your database might already exist in another Access data-
base. You can save time in obtaining this data by copying and pasting records from one
database table into another or by importing an entire table from one database into another.
Copying Records from Another Access Database
You can copy and paste records from a table in the same database or in a different data-
base only if the tables have the same structure—that is, the tables contain the same fields
in the same order. Elsa’s NEJobs database in the Brief\Tutorial folder included with your
Data Files has a table named AvailablePositions that has the same table structure as the
Position table. The records in the AvailablePositions table are the records Elsa wants you
to copy into the Position table.
Other programs, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, allow you to have two or
more documents open at a time. However, you can have only one database open at a
time for your current Access session. Therefore, you need to close the Northeast database,
open the AvailablePositions table in the NEJobs database, select and copy the table
records, close the NEJobs database, reopen the Position table in the Northeast database,
and then paste the copied records. ( Note : If you have a database open and then open a
second database, Access will automatically close the first database for you.)
To copy the records from the AvailablePositions table:
1. Click the Close button on the Table window title bar to close the Position table. A mes-
sage box opens asking if you want to save the changes to the layout of the Position table.
This box appears because you resized the datasheet columns to their best fit.
2. Click the Yes button in the message box.
3. Click the Close button
on the Database window title bar to close the Northeast database.
4. Click the Open button
on the Database toolbar to display the Open dialog box.
5. If necessary, display the list of your Data Files in the Brief\Tutorial folder.
6. Open the database file named NEJobs . The Database window opens. Notice that the
NEJobs database contains only one table, the AvailablePositions table. This table contains
the records you need to copy.
7. Click AvailablePositions in the Tables list box (if necessary), and then click the Open but-
ton in the Database window. The datasheet for the AvailablePositions table opens. See
Figure 2-30. Note that this table contains a total of 62 records.
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