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Session 2.2
Deleting a Record
Reference Window
In the Table window in Datasheet view, click the row selector for the record you want to
delete, and then click the Delete Record button on the Table Datasheet toolbar (or right-
click the row selector for the record, and then click Delete Record on the shortcut menu).
In the dialog box asking you to confirm the deletion, click the Yes button.
Elsa asks you to delete the record whose PositionID value is 2015 because this record
was entered in error; the position for this record does not exist. The fourth record in the
table has a PositionID value of 2015. This record is the one you need to delete.
To delete the record:
1. Open the Position table in Datasheet view.
2. Right-click the row selector for row four. Access selects the fourth record and displays the
shortcut menu. See Figure 2-33.
Deleting a record
Figure 2-33
selected record
click here to delete the selected record
3. Click Delete Record on the shortcut menu. Access deletes the record and opens a dialog
box asking you to confirm the deletion. Because the deletion of a record is permanent and
cannot be undone, Access prompts you to make sure that you want to delete the record.
Trouble? If you selected the wrong record for deletion, click the No button. Access ends
the deletion process and continues to display the selected record. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to
delete the correct record.
4. Click the Yes button to confirm the deletion and close the dialog box.
Elsa’s final update to the Position table involves changes to field values in one of the records.
Changing Records
To change the field values in a record, you must first make the record the current record.
Then you position the insertion point in the field value to make minor changes or select
the field value to replace it entirely. In Tutorial 1, you used the mouse with the scroll bars
and the navigation buttons to navigate the records in a datasheet. You can also use key-
stroke combinations and the F2 key to navigate a datasheet and to select field values.
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