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Session 2.2
6. Make the following changes to the structure of the Recruiter table:
a. Move the Salary field so that it appears after the LastName field.
b. Add a new field between the LastName and Salary fields, using the following
Field Name: BonusQuota
Data Type: Number
Description: Number of recruited students needed to receive bonus
Field Size: Byte
Decimal Places: 0
Caption: Bonus Quota
Default Value: (blank)
c. Change the format of the Salary field so that commas are displayed, dollar signs
are not displayed, and no decimal places are displayed in the field values.
d. Save the revised table structure.
7. Use the Recruiter datasheet to update the database as follows:
a. Enter these BonusQuota values for the three records: 60 for Kate Foster; 60 for
Ryan DuBrava; and 50 for Paul Kirnicki.
b. Add a record to the Recruiter datasheet with the following field values:
SSN: 899-40-2937
FirstName: Sonia
MiddleName: Lee
LastName: Xu
BonusQuota: 50
Salary: 39,250
8. Close the Recruiter table, and then set the option for compacting the Recruits data-
base on close. ( Note : If you are working off a floppy disk, check with your instructor
or technical support staff to confirm that you should set this option.)
9. Elsa created a database with her name as the database name. In that database, the
RecruiterEmployees table has the same format as the Recruiter table you created.
Copy all the records from the RecruiterEmployees table in the Elsa database (located
in the Brief\Review folder provided with your Data Files) to the end of the Recruiter
table in the Recruits database.
10. Delete the MiddleName field from the Recruiter table structure, and then save the
table structure.
11. Resize all columns in the datasheet for the Recruiter table to their best fit.
12. Print the Recruiter table datasheet, and then save and close the table.
13. Create a table named Student using the Import Table Wizard. The table you need to
import is named Student , which is one of the tables in the Elsa database located in
the Brief\Review folder provided with your Data Files.
14. Make the following modifications to the structure of the Student table in the Recruits
a. Enter the following Description property values:
StudentID: Primary key
SSN: Foreign key value of the recruiter for this student
b. Change the Field Size property for both the FirstName field and the LastName
field to 15.
c. Move the BirthDate field so that it appears between the Nation and Gender fields.
d. Change the format of the BirthDate field so that it displays only two digits for the
year instead of four.
e. Save the table structure changes. (Answer “Yes” to any warning messages about
property changes and lost data.)
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