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Session 2.2
c. Click ProductID in the “Fields in my new table” list, and then use the Rename
Field button to change the name of this field to ProgramID. Follow this same pro-
cedure to rename the ProductDescription field to “Description” and to rename the
“UnitPrice” field to “MonthlyFee.” Click the Next button.
d. Specify the name Program for the new table, and choose the option for setting the
primary key yourself. Click the Next button.
e. Specify ProgramID as the primary key field, and select the option “Numbers
and/or letters I enter when I add new records.” Click the Next button.
f. In the next dialog box, click the Relationships button, select the option “The tables
aren’t related” (if necessary), click the OK button, and then click the Next button.
g. In the final Table Wizard dialog box, choose the option for modifying the table
design. Click the Finish button.
3. Modify the structure of the Program table as follows:
a. For the ProgramID field, make the following changes:
Data Type: Number
Description: Primary key
Decimal Places: 0
Caption: Program ID
Default Value: blank (no value specified)
b. For the Description field, make the following changes:
Description: Full programs provide access to all facilities; limited programs
restrict access to certain facilities and activities
Field Size: 35
c. For the MonthlyFee field, make the following changes:
Format: Fixed
Decimal Places: 2
Caption: Monthly Fee
4. Add a new field as the fourth field in the table, below MonthlyFee, with the following
Field Name: PhysicalRequired
Data Type: Yes/No
Description: Member must have a complete physical before joining program
Caption: Physical Required
5. Save the modified table structure.
6. Add the records shown in Figure 2-40 to the Program table.
Figure 2-40
Junior Full (ages 13–17)
Junior Limited (ages 13–17)
Young Adult Full (ages 18–25)
Young Adult Limited (ages 18–25)
7. Martha created a database named Products that contains a table with program data
named ProgramRecords. The Program table you created has the same format as the
ProgramRecords table. Copy all the records from the ProgramRecords table in the
Products database (located in the Brief\Case2 folder provided with your Data Files)
to the end of the Program table in the Fitness database.
8. Resize all columns in the datasheet for the Program table to their best fit.
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