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Session 2.2
9. For ProgramID 209, change the PhysicalRequired field value to Yes.
10. Print the Program table datasheet, and then save and close the table.
11. Close the Fitness database.
Case Problem 3
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: Redwood.mdb ( cont. from Tutorial 1 ) and
Redwood Zoo Michael Rosenfeld continues to track information about donors, their
pledges, and the status of funds to benefit the Redwood Zoo. Help him maintain the
Redwood database by completing the following:
Apply the skills you
learned in the tutorial
to create and work with
a new table containing
data about donations.
1. Open the Redwood database located in the Brief\Case3 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Create a table named Pledge using the Import Table Wizard. The table you need to
import is named PledgeRecords , which is located in the Pledge database in the
Brief\Case3 folder provided with your Data Files.
3. After importing the PledgeRecords table, use the shortcut menu to rename the table
to Pledge in the Database window.
4. Modify the structure of the Pledge table by completing the following:
a. Enter the following Description property values:
PledgeID: Primary key
DonorID: Foreign key
FundCode: Foreign key
b. Change the format of the PledgeDate field to mm/dd/yyyy.
c. Change the Data Type of the TotalPledged field to Currency with the Standard format.
d. Specify a Default Value of B for the PaymentMethod field.
e. Specify a Default Value of F for the PaymentSchedule field.
f. Save the modified table structure.
5. Switch to Datasheet view, and then resize all columns in the datasheet to their best fit.
6. Use the Pledge datasheet to update the database as follows:
a. Add a new record to the Pledge table with the following field values:
PledgeID: 2695
DonorID: 59045
FundCode: P15
PledgeDate: 7/11/2006
TotalPledged: 1000
PaymentMethod: B
PaymentSchedule: M
b. Change the TotalPledged value for PledgeID 2499 to 150.
c. Change the FundCode value for PledgeID 2332 to B03.
7. Print the Pledge table datasheet, and then save and close the table.
8. Close the Redwood database.
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