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Exploring the Basics of Microsoft Windows XP
Exploring the Basics of Microsoft Windows XP
Investigating the Windows XP Operating System
Case | Your Computer Training
Your Computer Training is a small business in Tampa, Florida, that provides lessons and instruction on how to
use a computer, offering courses for beginning, intermediate, and advanced computer users. The instruction
includes detailed explanations, definitions, and descriptions as well as hands-on practice of computer skills.
First-time and novice users learn a full range of basic tasks—from starting the computer and opening and closing
programs to shutting down the computer. Steve Laslow teaches an introductory course on the fundamentals of
using the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.
In this tutorial you will start Windows XP and practice some basic computer skills. Then you’ll learn how to navi-
gate with My Computer and Windows Explorer. Finally, you’ll use the Windows XP Help system.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Close a program
• Close a window
• Close open windows
and save changes from
the taskbar
• Log on to the computer
• Maximize a window
• Minimize a window
• Move a window
• Open an inactive
• Redisplay a minimized
• Scroll by dragging the
scroll box
Session 1
• Start Windows XP and
tour the desktop
• Explore the Start menu
• Run software
programs, switch
between them, and
close them
• Manipulate windows
• Identify and use the
controls in menus,
toolbars, and dialog
• Scroll using scroll arrows
• Select a menu option
• Select a toolbar
• Select an option in
a list box
• Size a window
• Switch between
• Use a scroll bar
• Use ScreenTips to
identify desktop icons
and toolbar buttons
• View the contents of
the Recycle Bin
Session 2
• Navigate your
computer with
Windows Explorer and
My Computer
• Change the view of the
items in your computer
• Get help when you
need it
• Shut down Windows
• Bookmark a Help Topic
• Change the appearance
of the My Documents
• Change the format of
the icons in a window
• Change the view in the
My Documents folder
• Control the toolbar
• Log off from the
• Navigate through the
Windows hierarchy
• Return to a previous
Help Topic
• Search for a topic in
Help and Support
• Sort files in Details view
• Start Windows XP Help
• Turn off the computer
• Turn off Windows XP
• Use Details view
to examine file
• Use the Index tab in
Help and Support
• Use the topic menus
in Help and Support
• View files and folders
with My Computer
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