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Session 3.1
New Query dialog box
Figure 3-1
option to design
your own query
Query Wizards
You’ll design your own query instead of using a Query Wizard.
3. If necessary, click Design View in the list box.
4. Click the OK button. Access opens the Show Table dialog box on top of the Query window.
(Note that you could also have double-clicked the “Create query in Design view” option in
the Database window.) Notice that the title bar of the Query window shows that you are
creating a select query.
The query you are creating will retrieve data from the Employer table, so you need to add
this table to the Select Query window.
5. Click Employer in the Tables list box (if necessary), click the Add button, and then click the
Close button. Access places the Employer table’s field list in the Select Query window and
closes the Show Table dialog box.
To display more of the fields you’ll be using for creating queries, you’ll maximize the Select
Query window.
6. Click the Maximize button
on the Select Query window title bar. See Figure 3-2.
Select query in Design view
Figure 3-2
View button
Run button
field list
Query Type button
shows select query
design grid
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