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Session 3.1
4. Click the Run button on the Query Design toolbar. Access runs the query and displays
the results in Datasheet view. See Figure 3-4.
Figure 3-4
Datasheet displayed after running the query
selected fields
45 records selected
The six fields you added to the design grid—EmployerID, EmployerName, City,
ContactFirstName, ContactLastName, and Website—appear in the datasheet, and the
records are displayed in primary key sequence by EmployerID. Access selected a total of
45 records for display in the datasheet.
Zack asks you to save the query as “EmployerAnalysis” so that he can easily retrieve the
same data again.
5. Click the Save button
on the Query Datasheet toolbar. The Save As dialog box opens.
6. Type EmployerAnalysis in the Query Name text box, and then press the Enter key. Access
saves the query with the specified name in the Northeast database and displays the name
in the title bar.
When viewing the results of the query, Zack noticed a couple of changes that need to
be made to the data in the Employer table. The Adele Bannister House recently developed
a Web site, so the Website field for this record needs to be updated. In addition, the con-
tact information has changed for the Alpine Touring Center.
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