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Session 3.1
8. Click the Enforce Referential Integrity check box, and then click the Cascade Update
Related Fields check box.
9. Click the Create button to define the one-to-many relationship between the two tables and
to close the dialog box. The completed relationship appears in the Relationships window.
See Figure 3-9.
Figure 3-9
Defined relationship in the Relationships window
“many” side of
the relationship
“one” side of the
join line
The join line connects the EmployerID fields, which are common to the two tables. The
common field joins the two tables, which have a one-to-many relationship. The “one” side
of the relationship has the digit 1 at its end, and the “many” side of the relationship has the
infinity symbol
at its end. The two tables are still separate tables, but you can use the
data in them as if they were one table.
Now you need to define the one-to-many relationship between the NAICS and
Employer tables. In this relationship, NAICS is the primary (“one”) table because there is
only one code for each employer. Employer is the related (“many”) table because there
are multiple employers with the same NAICS code.
To define the one-to-many relationship between the NAICS and
Employer tables:
1. Click the Show Table button on the Relationship toolbar. The Show Table dialog box
opens on top of the Relationships window.
2. Click NAICS in the list of tables, click the Add button, and then click the Close button to
close the Show Table dialog box. The NAICS field list appears in the Relationships window
to the right of the Position field list. To make it easier to define the relationship, you’ll move
the NAICS field list below the Employer and Position field lists.
3. Click the NAICS field list title bar and drag the list until it is below the Position table (see
Figure 3-10), and then release the mouse button.
Because the NAICS table is the primary table in this relationship, you need to drag the
NAICSCode field from the NAICS field list to the Employer field list.
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