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Session 3.1
Using Filter By Selection
Figure 3-18
Remove Filter button
Filter By Selection button
value used
to filter
indicate that
records have
been filtered
Next, Matt wants to view only those records with a StateProv value of NH, because the
recruit is interested in positions in NH only.
3. Click in any StateProv field value of NH , and then click the Filter By Selection button
on the Query Datasheet toolbar. The filtered display now shows only the 2 records for clerk
positions available in New Hampshire.
Now you can redisplay all the query records by clicking the Remove Filter button; this but-
ton works as a toggle to switch between the filtered and nonfiltered displays.
4. Click the Remove Filter button
on the Query Datasheet toolbar. Access redisplays all
the records in the query datasheet.
5. Click the Save button
on the Query Datasheet toolbar, and then click the Close
Window button
on the menu bar to save and close the query and return to the
Database window.
6. Click the Restore Window button
on the menu bar to return the Database window to
its original size.
The queries you’ve created will help NSJI employees retrieve just the information they
want to view. In the next session, you’ll continue to create queries to meet their informa-
tion needs.
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