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Session 3.2
Figure 3-20
Query in Design view
field lists
query name
fields placed in the design grid
(not all fields are visible on the
screen at the same time)
indicates a
enter condition here
The field lists for the Employer and Position tables appear in the top portion of the win-
dow, and the join line indicating a one-to-many relationship connects the two tables. The
selected fields appear in the design grid. Not all of the fields are visible in the grid; to see
the other selected fields, you need to scroll to the right using the horizontal scroll bar.
To display the information Matt wants, you need to enter the condition for the StartDate field
in its Criteria text box. Matt wants to display only those records with a start date of 07/01/2006.
To enter the exact match condition, and then run the query:
1. Click the StartDate Criteria text box, type 07/01/2006 , and then press the Enter key. The
condition changes to #7/1/2006#.
Access automatically placed number signs (#) before and after the condition. You must
place date and time values inside number signs when using these values as selection crite-
ria. If you omit the number signs, however, Access will include them automatically.
2. Click the Run button on the Query Design toolbar. Access runs the query and displays
the selected field values for only those records with a StartDate field value of 07/01/2006.
A total of 9 records are selected and displayed in the datasheet. See Figure 3-21.
Figure 3-21
Datasheet displaying selected fields and records
only records
with a
value of
are selected
9 records selected
3. Click the Save button
on the Query Datasheet toolbar to save the query.
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