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Session 3.2
Matt would like to see more fields and records on the screen at one time. He asks you
to maximize the datasheet, change the datasheet’s font size, and resize all the columns to
their best fit.
Changing a Datasheet’s Appearance
You can change the characteristics of a datasheet, including the font type and size of text in
the datasheet, to improve its appearance or readability. As you learned in Tutorial 2, you can
also resize the datasheet columns to view more columns on the screen at the same time.
You’ll maximize the datasheet, change the font size from the default 10 points to 8, and
then resize the datasheet columns.
To change the font size and resize columns in the datasheet:
1. Click the Maximize button
on the Query window title bar.
2. Click Format on the menu bar, and then click Font to open the Font dialog box.
3. Scroll the Size list box, click 8 , and then click the OK button. The font size for the entire
datasheet changes to 8.
Next, you need to resize the columns to their best fit, so that each column is just wide
enough to fit the longest value in the column. Instead of resizing each column individually,
as you did in Tutorial 2, you’ll select all the columns and resize them at the same time.
4. Position the pointer in the PositionTitle field selector. When the pointer changes to a
shape, click to select the entire column.
5. Click the right arrow on the horizontal scroll bar until the Phone field is fully visible, and
then position the pointer in the Phone field selector until the pointer changes to a
6. Press and hold the Shift key, and then click the mouse button. All the columns are
selected. Now you can resize all of them at once.
7. Position the pointer at the right edge of the Phone field selector until the pointer changes
to a
shape. See Figure 3-22.
Preparing to resize all columns to their best fit
Figure 3-22
all columns
are selected
8. Double-click the mouse button. All columns are resized to their best fit, which makes each
column just large enough to fit the longest visible value in the column, including the field
name at the top of the column.
9. Scroll to the left, if necessary, so that the PositionTitle field is visible, and then click any
field value box (except an Experience field value) to deselect all columns. See Figure 3-23.
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