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Session 3.2
To modify the HighWagesWithBonus query:
1. Open the HighWagesWithBonus query in Design view.
Elsa wants to see only the EmployerName, PositionTitle, and Wage fields in the query
results. First, you’ll delete the unnecessary fields, and then you’ll move the EmployerName
field so that it appears first in the query results.
2. Scroll the design grid to the right until the HoursPerWeek and EmployerName fields are
visible at the same time.
3. Position the pointer on the HoursPerWeek field selector until the pointer changes to a
shape, click and hold down the mouse button, drag the mouse to the right to highlight the
HoursPerWeek, Experience, StartDate, EndDate, and Openings fields, and then release the
mouse button.
4. Press the Delete key to delete the five selected fields.
5. Use this same method to delete the StateProv, ContactFirstName, ContactLastName, and
Phone fields from the query design grid.
Next, you’ll move the EmployerName field to the left of the PositionTitle field so that the
Wage values will appear next to the calculated field values in the query results.
6. Scroll the design grid back to the left (if necessary), select the EmployerName field, and
then use the pointer
to drag the field to the left of the PositionTitle field. See Figure 3-32.
Figure 3-32
Modified query before adding the calculated field
field positioned
to the left of
PositionTitle field
add calculated
field here
Now you’re ready to use Expression Builder to enter the calculated field in the
HighWagesWithBonus query.
To add the calculated field to the HighWagesWithBonus query:
1. Position the insertion point in the blank Field text box to the right of the Wage field, and
then click the Build button
on the Query Design toolbar. The Expression Builder dialog
box opens. See Figure 3-33.
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