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Session 3.2
Figure 3-42
secondary sort field
sort field
show only customers from
Bon Air or Glen Allen
8. Create and save the query whose results are shown in Figure 3-43 to display statistics
for the MonthlyFee field. Print the query datasheet.
Figure 3-43
use property sheet in Design view to format
values as Fixed with two decimal places
9. Change the query to display the same statistics grouped by City. ( Hint : Use the Show
Table button on the Query Design toolbar to add the Member table to the query.)
Save the query as FeeStatisticsByCity . Run the query, print the query results, and then
close the query.
10. Close the Fitness database.
Case Problem 3
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Redwood.mdb ( cont. from Tutorial 2 )
Redwood Zoo Michael Rosenfeld wants to find specific information about the donors
and their pledge amounts for the Redwood Zoo. You’ll help him find the information in
the Redwood database by completing the following:
Use the skills you
learned in the tutorial,
plus some new ones, to
create queries that dis-
play information about
a zoo and its patrons.
1. Open the Redwood database located in the Brief\Case3 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Define the necessary one-to-many relationships between the database tables, as fol-
lows: between the primary Donor table and the related Pledge table, and between
the primary Fund table and the related Pledge table. ( Hint : Add all three tables to the
Relationships window, and then define the two relationships.) Resize the field lists, as
necessary, to display all the field names. Select the referential integrity option and the
cascade updates option for each relationship.
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