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Session 4.1
Session 4.1
Creating a Form Using the Form Wizard
As you learned in Tutorial 1, a form is an object you use to maintain, view, and print
records in a database. In Access, you can design your own forms or use a Form Wizard to
create them for you automatically.
Elsa asks you to create a new form that her staff can use to view and maintain data in
the Position table. In Tutorial 1, you used the AutoForm Wizard to create the
EmployerData form in the Seasonal database. The AutoForm Wizard creates a form auto-
matically, using all the fields in the selected table or query. To create the form for the
Position table, you’ll use the Form Wizard. The Form Wizard allows you to choose some
or all of the fields in the selected table or query, choose fields from other tables and
queries, and display the selected fields in any order on the form. You can also apply an
existing style to the form to format its appearance quickly.
For hands-on practice of
key tasks in this session,
go to the SAM 2003
Training Companion CD
included with this text.
To open the Northeast database and activate the Form Wizard:
1. If you are working with a floppy disk, you need to delete a file from the disk to make sure
you have enough space to complete this tutorial. Using My Computer or Windows Explorer,
delete NEJobs from the Brief\Tutorial folder. (You only need to delete this file if you are
working with a floppy disk.)
2. Start Access and open the Northeast database located in the Brief\Tutorial folder provided
with your Data Files.
3. Click Forms in the Objects bar of the Database window.
4. Click the New button in the Database window. The New Form dialog box opens.
5. Click Form Wizard , click the list arrow for choosing a table or query, click Position to
select this table as the source for the form, and then click the OK button. The first Form
Wizard dialog box opens. See Figure 4-1.
Figure 4-1
First Form Wizard dialog box
selected table
scrollable list
of fields in the
selected table
Elsa wants the form to display all the fields in the Position table, but in a different order.
She would like the Experience field to appear at the bottom of the form so that it stands
out, making it easier to determine if a position requires prior work experience.
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