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Session 4.1
Figure 4-3
Choosing a style for the form
Fo r m
sample of the
selected style
6. Click each style and review the corresponding sample.
Elsa likes the Expedition style and asks you to use it for the form.
7. Click Expedition , and then click the Next button. Access displays the final Form Wizard
dialog box and shows the Position table’s name as the default form name. “Position” is
also the default title that will appear in the form’s title bar.
You’ll use “Position Data” as the form name and, because you don’t need to change the
form’s design at this point, you’ll display the form.
8. Click the insertion point to the right of Position in the text box, press the spacebar , type Data ,
and then click the Finish button. The completed form opens in Form view. See Figure 4-4.
Figure 4-4
Completed form for the Position table
first reco rd from
the Position table
appears in the form
After viewing the form, Elsa decides that she doesn’t like the form’s style; the background
makes the field names a bit difficult to read. She asks you to change the form’s style.
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