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Session 4.1
Changing a Form’s AutoFormat
You can change a form’s appearance by choosing a different AutoFormat for the form. As
you learned when you created the Position Data form, an AutoFormat is a predefined style
for a form (or report). The AutoFormats available for a form are the ones you saw when
you selected the form’s style using the Form Wizard. To change an AutoFormat, you must
switch to Design view.
Changing a Form’s AutoFormat
Reference Window
Display the form in Design view.
Click the AutoFormat button on the Form Design toolbar to open the AutoFormat
dialog box.
In the Form AutoFormats list box, click the AutoFormat you want to apply to the form,
and then click the OK button.
To change the AutoFormat for the Position Data form:
1. Click the View button for Design view
on the Form View toolbar. The form is displayed
in Design view. See Figure 4-5.
Form displayed in Design view
Figure 4-5
AutoFormat button
Form window
Trouble? If your screen displays any window other than those shown in Figure 4-5, click
the Close button on the window’s title bar to close it.
You use Design view to modify an existing form or to create a form from scratch. In this
case, you need to change the AutoFormat for the Position Data form.
2. Click the AutoFormat button
on the Form Design toolbar. The AutoFormat dialog
box opens.
3. Click the Options button to display the AutoFormat options. See Figure 4-6.
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