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Session 4.1
To find the records using the Position Data form:
1. Click in the EmployerID field value box. This is the field that you will search for
matching values.
2. Click the Find button on the Form View toolbar. The Find and Replace dialog box
opens. Note that the Look In list box shows the name of the field that Access will search (in
this case, the current EmployerID field), and the Match list box indicates that Access will
find values that match the entire entry in the field. You could choose to match only part of
a field value or only the beginning of each field value.
3. If the Find and Replace dialog box covers the form, move the dialog box by dragging its
title bar. If necessary, move the Position Data form window so that you can see both the
dialog box and the form at the same time. See Figure 4-8.
Figure 4-8
Find and Replace dialog box
Find button
current field
type search
value here
4. In the Find What text box, type 10145 and then click the Find Next button. The Position
Data form now displays record 7, which is the first record for EmployerID 10145.
5. Click the Find Next button. Access displays record 47, which is the second record for
EmployerID 10145.
6. Click the Find Next button. Access displays record 48, which is the third record for
EmployerID 10145.
7. Click the Find Next button. Access displays a dialog box informing you that the search is
8. Click the OK button to close the dialog box.
The search value you enter can be an exact value, such as the EmployerID 10145 you
just entered, or it can include wildcard characters. A wildcard character is a placeholder
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