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Session 4.1
Of the three positions, only one requires experience—PositionID 2089. Elsa asks you
to use the form to print the data for record 42, which is for PositionID 2089, so that she
can give the printout to Matt.
Previewing and Printing Selected Form Records
Access prints as many form records as can fit on a printed page. If only part of a form
record fits on the bottom of a page, the remainder of the record prints on the next page.
Access allows you to print all pages or a range of pages. In addition, you can print the
currently selected form record.
Before printing record 42, you’ll preview the form record to see how it will look when
printed. Notice that the current record number (in this case, 42) appears in the record
number box at the bottom of the form.
To preview the form and print the data for record 42:
1. Click the Print Preview button on the Form View toolbar. The Print Preview window
opens, showing the form records for the Position table in miniature. If you clicked the Print
button now, all the records for the table would be printed, beginning with the first record.
2. Click the Maximize button
on the form’s title bar.
3. Click the Zoom button on the Print Preview toolbar, and then use the vertical scroll bar
to view the entire page. Each record from the Position table appears in a separate form.
See Figure 4-10.
Figure 4-10
Print Preview window displaying form records
form’s Restore
Window button
4. Click the Restore Window button on the Print Preview menu bar, and then click the
Close button on the Print Preview toolbar to return to the table in Form view.
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