Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1
Contents of the Recycle Bin
Figure 6
Close button
your Recycle Bin
might contain
items listed here
Trouble? If the Recycle Bin window does not open, and you see only the Recycle Bin name
highlighted below the icon, you double-clicked too slowly. Double-click the icon again more
Now you can close the Recycle Bin window.
3. Click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the Recycle Bin window.
You’ll learn more about opening and closing windows later in this session.
Your mouse has more than one button—in addition to the left button, the mouse has a
right button that you can use for performing certain actions in Windows XP. However, the
term “clicking” continues to refer to the left button; clicking an object with the right but-
ton is called right-clicking .
In Windows XP, right-clicking selects an object and opens its shortcut menu , which is a
list of commands directly related to the object that you right-clicked. You can right-click
practically any object—the Start button, a desktop icon, the taskbar, and even the desktop
itself—to view commands associated with that object. Recall that you clicked the Start
button with the left mouse button to open the Start menu. Now you can right-click the
Start button to open the shortcut menu for the Start button.
To right-click an object:
1. Position the pointer over the Start button on the taskbar.
2. Right-click the Start button on the taskbar to open its shortcut menu. This menu offers a
list of commands related to the Start button. See Figure 7.
Start button shortcut menu
Figure 7
these commands appear
if you are working on a
network or on a
multi-user computer
shortcut menu
click the Start button with
the right mouse b utton
Trouble? If the shortcut menu does not open and you are using a trackball or a mouse
with three buttons or a wheel, make sure you click the button on the far right, not the one
in the middle.
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