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Session 4.1
The record that you need to print, PositionID 2089, appears in the form. To print selected
records you need to use the Print dialog box.
5. Click File on the menu bar, and then click Print . The Print dialog box opens.
6. Click the Selected Record(s) option button to print the current form record (record 42).
7. Click the OK button to close the dialog box and to print the selected record.
Elsa has identified several updates, as shown in Figure 4-11, that she wants you to
make to the Position table. You’ll use the Position Data form to update the data in the
Position table.
Updates to the Position table
Figure 4-11
Update Action
Change HoursPerWeek to 35
Change StartDate to 6/30/2006
Delete record
Add new record for PositionID 2130:
PositionTitle = Housekeeping
EmployerID = 10151
Wage = 12.50
HoursPerWeek = 30
StartDate = 6/1/2006
EndDate = 10/15/2006
Openings = 2
Experience = No
Maintaining Table Data Using a Form
Maintaining data using a form is often easier than using a datasheet, because you can
concentrate on all the changes required to a single record at one time. You already know
how to navigate a form and find specific records. Now you’ll make the changes Elsa
requested to the Position table, using the Position Data form.
First, you’ll update the record for PositionID 2033.
To change the record using the Position Data form:
1. Make sure the Position Data form is displayed in Form view.
When she reviewed the position data to identify possible corrections, Elsa noted that 10 is
the record number for PositionID 2033. If you know the number of the record you want to
display, you can type the number in the record number box and press the Enter key to go
directly to that record.
2. Select 42 in the record number box, type 10 , and then press the Enter key. Record 10
(PositionID 2033) is now the current record.
You need to change the HoursPerWeek field value to 35 and the StartDate field value to
06/30/2006 for this record.
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