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Session 4.1
3. Click the insertion point to the left of the number 2 in the HoursPerWeek field value, press
the Delete key twice, and then type 35 . Note that the pencil symbol appears in the upper-
left corner of the form, indicating that the form is in editing mode.
4. Press the Tab key to move to and select the StartDate field value, type 6/30/2006 , and
then press the Enter key. See Figure 4-12.
Figure 4-12
Position record after changing field values
editing mode
fi e ld values
You have completed the changes for PositionID 2033. Elsa’s next update is to delete the
record for PositionID 2072. The employer client recently informed Elsa that a full-time,
permanent employee has been hired for this position, so it is no longer available for stu-
dent recruits.
To delete the record using the Position Data form:
1. Click anywhere in the PositionID field value to make it the current field.
2. Click the Find button
on the Form View toolbar. The Find and Replace dialog box opens.
3. Type 2072 in the Find What text box, click the Find Next button, and then click the Cancel
button. The record for PositionID 2072 is now the current record.
4. Click the Delete Record button
on the Form View toolbar. A dialog box opens, asking
you to confirm the record deletion.
5. Click the Yes button. The dialog box closes, and the record for PositionID 2072 is deleted
from the table.
Elsa’s final maintenance change is to add a record for a new position available at the
Granite State Resort.
To add the new record using the Position Data form:
1. Click the New Record button on the Form View toolbar. Record 64, the next record
available for a new record, becomes the current record. All field value boxes are empty,
and the insertion point is positioned at the beginning of the field value box for PositionID.
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