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Session 4.1
2. Refer to Figure 4-13 and enter the value shown for each field. Press the Tab key to move
from field to field.
Completed form for the new record
Figure 4-13
Trouble? Compare your screen with Figure 4-13. If any field value is wrong, correct it
now, using the methods described earlier for editing field values.
3. After entering the value for Openings, press the Tab key twice (if necessary). Record 65, the
next record available for a new record, becomes the current record, and the record for
PositionID 2130 is saved in the Position table.
You’ve completed Elsa’s changes to the Position table, so you can close the Position Data form.
4. Click the Close button on the form’s title bar. The form closes, and you return to the
Database window. Notice that the Position Data form is listed in the Forms list box.
So that all your database objects will be named consistently, you’ll rename the form object to
“PositionData” (one word). This will not affect how the form title (caption) is displayed when
you work with the form in Form view; it will still appear as “Position Data” (two words).
5. Right-click Position Data in the Forms list box, and then click Rename on the shortcut menu.
6. Delete the space between the words “Position” and “Data,” and then press the Enter key.
The form object name is now “PositionData.”
In the next session, you’ll create another form for working with data in both the Position and
Employer tables at the same time. You’ll also create a report showing data from both tables.
Session 4.1 Quick Check
1. Describe the difference between creating a form using the AutoForm Wizard and cre-
ating a form using the Form Wizard.
2. What is an AutoFormat, and how do you change one for an existing form?
3. Which table record is displayed in a form when you press the Ctrl+End keys while
you are in navigation mode?
4. You can use the Find command to search for data in a form or
5. Which wildcard character matches any single alphabetic character?
6. How many form records does Access print by default on a page?
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learned in this session, go
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