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Session 4.2
3. Click Standard (if necessary), and then click the Next button. The next Form Wizard dialog
box opens, in which you choose names for the main form and the subform.
You will use the name “Employer Positions” for the main form and the name “Position
Subform” for the subform. (Later, you’ll rename the form objects so that their names do not
include spaces.)
4. Click the insertion point to the right of the last letter in the Form text box, press the
spacebar , and then type Positions . The main form name is now Employer Positions. The
Position Subform name is already set.
You have answered all the Form Wizard’s questions.
5. Click the Finish button. After a few moments, the completed form opens in Form view.
Some of the columns in the subform are not wide enough to display the field names
entirely. You need to resize the columns to their best fit.
6. Double-click the pointer at the right edge of each column in the subform, scrolling the
subform to the right, as necessary, to display additional columns. Scroll the subform all the
way back to the left. The columns are resized to their best fit. See Figure 4-15.
Figure 4-15
Main form with subform in Form view
name of main form
in the title bar
subform navigation buttons
main form
navigation buttons
In the main form, Access displays the fields from the first record in the Employer table in
columnar format. The records in the main form appear in primary key sequence by
EmployerID. EmployerID 10122 has one related record in the Position table; this record is
shown in the subform datasheet. The form shows that BeanTown Tours has one available
position for a Tour Guide.
Notice that the subform is not wide enough to display all the fields from the Position
table. Although the subform includes a horizontal scroll bar, which allows you to view the
other fields, Elsa wants all the fields from the Position table to be visible in the subform at
the same time. Even if you maximized the Form window, the subform would still not dis-
play all of the fields. You need to widen the main form and the subform in Design view.
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