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Session 4.2
Modifying a Form in Design View
Just as you use Design view to modify the format and content of tables and queries, you
also use Design view to modify a form. You can change the fields that are displayed on a
form, and modify their size, location, format, and so on. You need to open the Employer
Positions form in Design view and resize the Position subform to display all the fields at
the same time.
To widen the Position subform:
1. Click the View button for Design view
on the Form View toolbar to display the form in
Design view.
2. Click the Maximize button
to enlarge the window. See Figure 4-16.
Form with subform displayed in Design view
Figure 4-16
Form Header
bar for subform
Trouble? If the subform appears as a white box instead of a datasheet as in Figure 4-16,
click the View button for Form view
on the Form Design toolbar, and then click the View
button for Design view
on the Form View toolbar.
3. Click the Form Header bar for the subform (refer to Figure 4-16) to select the subform.
Notice that small boxes appear around the subform’s border. These boxes, which are called
handles , indicate that the subform is selected and can be manipulated.
4. Position the pointer on the right-center sizing handle so it changes to a shape, and then
click and drag the handle to the right, to the mark just before the 6.5-inch mark on the hor-
izontal ruler. See Figure 4-17.
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