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Session 4.2
Figure 4-17
Resizing the Position subform
widen the subform
to this mark
resizing pointer
5. Release the mouse button. The subform section is resized. Notice that the main form sec-
tion is also resized.
6. Switch back to Form view. Notice that all the field names in the Position subform are now
7. Click the Restore Window button on the menu bar to restore the form to its original
size. Now you need to resize the Form window in Form view so that all the fields will be dis-
played when the Form window is not maximized.
8. Position the pointer on the right edge of the form so it changes to a shape, and then
click and drag the right edge of the form to resize it so that it matches the form shown in
Figure 4-18. Make sure the bottom of the form does not include a horizontal scroll bar; the
absence of a scroll bar indicates that all fields are fully visible.
Figure 4-18
Form with all subform fields visible
9. Save the modified form.
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