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Session 1
Trouble? If your menu looks slightly different from the one in Figure 7, don’t worry; dif-
ferent computers often have different commands.
3. Press the Esc key to close the shortcut menu. You return to the desktop.
Now that you’ve opened the Start menu and its shortcut menu, you’re ready to explore
the contents of the Start menu.
Exploring the Start Menu
Recall that the Start menu is the central point for accessing programs, documents, and
other resources on your computer. The Start menu is organized into two panels, as shown
in Figure 8, and each panel lists items you can point to or click.
Figure 8
Start menu
pinned items
items to use for
accessing files
tools to use for
accessing resources
on your computer;
yours might differ
used programs
commands for
logging off and
tu rn ing off your
All Programs
The left panel organizes programs for easy access. The area at the top of the left panel
is called the pinned items list . Pinned items stay on the Start menu unless you remove
them. By default, Windows XP lists the Web browser and e-mail program on your com-
puter in the pinned items list. You can pin other items to this list if you like. When you use
a program, Windows XP adds it to the most frequently used programs list , which appears
below the pinned items list. Windows XP can list only a certain number of frequently
used programs—after that, the programs you have not opened recently are replaced by
the programs you used last.
The last item in the left panel is the All Programs menu, which you have already used
to display a list of programs currently installed on your computer. You’ll use the All
Programs menu shortly to start a program.
From the right panel, you can access common locations and tools on your computer.
For example, My Documents is your personal folder, a convenient place to store docu-
ments, graphics, and other work. My Computer is a tool that you use to view, organize,
and access the programs, files, and drives on your computer.
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