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Session 4.2
5. Click EmployerID in the Available Fields list box (if necessary), and then click the
button. The field moves to the Selected Fields list box.
6. Repeat Step 5 to add the EmployerName , City , StateProv , ContactFirstName ,
ContactLastName , and Phone fields to the report.
7. Click the Tables/Queries list arrow, and then click Table: Position . The fields from the
Position table appear in the Available Fields list box.
The EmployerID field will appear on the report with the employer data, so you do not have
to include it in the detail records for each position. Otherwise, Zack wants all the fields
from the Position table to be included in the report.
8. Click the
button to move all the fields from the Available Fields list box to the Selected
Fields list box.
9. Click Position.EmployerID in the Selected Fields list box, click the button to move
the selected field back to the Available Fields list box, and then click the Next button. The
second Report Wizard dialog box opens. See Figure 4-20.
Choosing a grouped or ungrouped report
Figure 4-20
by table
click to
display tips
and examples
You can choose to arrange the selected data grouped by table, which is the default, or
ungrouped. For a grouped report , the data from a record in the primary table appears as
a group, followed on subsequent lines of the report by the joined records from the related
table. For the report you are creating, data from a record in the Employer table appears in
a group, followed by the related records for each employer from the Position table. An
example of an ungrouped report would be a report of records from the Employer and
Position tables in order by PositionID. Each position and its associated employer data
would appear together on one or more lines of the report; the data would not be grouped
by table.
You can display tips and examples for the choices in the Report Wizard dialog box by
clicking the “Show me more information” button.
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