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Session 4.2
Figure 4-25
Report displayed in Design view
for the
label control for the
HoursPerWeek field
text box
for the
label control for
the Experience field
Trouble? If your screen displays any window other than the one shown in Figure 4-25,
click the Close button on the window’s title bar to close it.
You use the Report window in Design view to modify existing reports and to create custom
reports. Each item on a report in Design view is called a control . For example, the
PositionID field consists of two controls: the label “Position ID,” which appears on the
report to identify the field value, and the PositionID text box , in which the actual field
value appears.
3. Click the label control for the PositionID field to select it. Handles appear on the border around
the control, indicating that the control is selected and can be manipulated. See Figure 4-26.
Figure 4-26
Selecting the PositionID label control
Error Checking
Options button
handles indicate
the label control
is selected
Notice also that a button appears to the left of the selected control. This button allows you
to check for possible errors in your report.
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