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Session 4.2
Checking Errors in a Report
When you work with a report (or a form) in Design view, Access provides automatic error
checking to help you make sure that your report is designed correctly. The Error Checking
Options button (see Figure 4-26) appears any time Access identifies a possible error. You
can choose one of the options provided by this button to determine if there is, indeed, an
error in your report.
To check for errors in the report:
1. Position the pointer on the Error Checking Options button and then click the list arrow
that appears. A menu opens listing options associated with the possible error. See Figure 4-27.
Menu displayed for possible error
Figure 4-27
error for the
selected control
click to view
more options
In this case, the PositionID label is identified as a “new unassociated label,” meaning that
it does not have an associated text box in which to display the field values. Access identifies
this as a potential error because the PositionID label appears in one section of the report,
the EmployerID Header section, and its text box appears in another section of the report,
the Detail section. Typically a label and its associated text box appear in the same section
of the report. Because the selected report design places these controls in different sections,
Access flags the error as an unassociated label.
2. Click Error Checking Options in the menu. The Options dialog box opens. See Figure 4-28.
Options dialog box
Figure 4-28
potential errors
are flagged with
this color
option for enabling or
disabling error checking
in forms and reports
The Enable error checking option allows you to turn this feature on or off (it is on by
default). Note that the selected error indicator color is green. Each label in the EmployerID
Header section whose associated text box is in the Detail section has a small green triangle
in the upper-left corner of the label box, indicating a potential error for that label.
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