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Session 4.2
Because each of these labels does have an associated text box in the Detail section, there
are no errors in the report design and you can safely ignore the error checking.
3. Click the Cancel button to close the Options dialog box.
4. Click the list arrow for the Error Checking Options button
, and then click Ignore Error .
5. Click in the empty space next to the PositionID label to deselect it. Notice that the green
triangle is no longer displayed in the upper-left corner of the label, because you chose to
ignore the error. You could follow this same procedure for the other labels in this section,
but there is no need to do so; each of the labels flagged with a green triangle does have an
associated text box in the Detail section, so the report design is correct.
Now that you’ve determined there are no errors in the report design, you can proceed
with fixing the labels that are not completely displayed.
To fix the display of the PositionID label in the report:
1. Click the PositionID label to select it. You need to widen the label control for the
PositionID field so that the entire field name is visible in the report.
2. Position the pointer on the center-left handle of the PositionID label control until the
pointer changes to a
3. Click and drag the pointer to the left until the left edge of the control is aligned with the
mark just after the half-inch mark on the horizontal ruler. See Figure 4-29.
Figure 4-29
Resizing the PositionID label control
drag the
pointer to
the left to
this mark
4. Release the mouse button. The label is wider, and the full name, Position ID, is visible.
To fix the problem with the HoursPerWeek and Experience labels, you first need to
reduce the size of the Wage label, which currently takes up too much space in the report
and crowds the other labels. However, you should also resize the Wage label’s associated
text box so that the displayed Wage values are aligned appropriately below the Wage
label in the report. You can select multiple controls and resize them at the same time.
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