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Session 4.2
Inserting a Picture in a Report
In Access, you can insert a picture or other graphic image to enhance the appearance of a
report or form. Sources of graphic images include files created in Microsoft Paint and other
drawing programs, and scanned files. The file containing the picture you need to insert is
named Globe, and it is located in the Brief\Tutorial folder provided with your Data Files.
To insert the picture in the report:
1. Click the Close button on the Print Preview toolbar to display the report in Design view.
See Figure 4-31.
Figure 4-31
Inserting a picture in Design view
Header bar
insert picture here
Zack wants the picture to appear on the first page of the report only; therefore, you need
to insert the picture in the Report Header section (see Figure 4-31). Any text or picture
placed in this section appears once at the beginning of the report.
2. Click the Report Header bar to select this section of the report. The bar is highlighted to
indicate that the section is selected.
3. Click Insert on the menu bar, and then click Picture . The Insert Picture dialog box opens.
If necessary, open the Brief\Tutorial folder provided with your Data Files.
4. Click Globe to select the picture for the report, and then click the OK button. The picture is
inserted in the left side of the Report Header section, covering some of the report title text.
See Figure 4-32.
Figure 4-32
Picture inserted in the report
top border line of report
move picture to here
ins e rted
Notice that handles appear around the picture’s border, indicating that the picture is
selected and can be manipulated.
Zack wants the picture to appear to the right of the report title, so you need to move the
picture using the mouse.
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