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Session 4.2
Trouble? If the picture covers the gray line at the top of the report, switch to Design view
and use the pointer to position the picture in the correct location. Then repeat Step 7.
8. Save the modified report.
The report is now completed. You’ll print just the first page of the report so that Zack
can review the report layout and the inserted picture.
To print page 1 of the report:
1. Click File on the menu bar, and then click Print . The Print dialog box opens.
2. In the Print Range section, click the Pages option button. The insertion point now appears
in the From text box so that you can specify the range of pages to print.
3. Type 1 in the From text box, press the Tab key to move to the To text box, and then type 1 .
These settings specify that only page 1 of the report will be printed.
4. Click the OK button. The Print dialog box closes, and the first page of the report is printed.
Zack approves of the report layout and contents, so you can close the report.
5. Click the Close Window button on the menu bar. You return to the Database window.
Trouble? If you click the Close button on the Print Preview toolbar by mistake, you switch
to Design view. Click the Close Window button on the menu bar.
Recall that when you created the report, you specified the name “Employers and Positions”
so that this title would appear on the report. Now you need to rename the report object so
that its name is consistent with the names of other database objects (that is, with no spaces in
the object name). Renaming the report object will not affect the specified title of the report.
6. Right-click Employers and Positions in the Database window, and then click Rename .
7. Change the name of the report to EmployersAndPositions , and then press the Enter key.
8. Close the Northeast database.
Elsa is satisfied that the forms you created—the PositionData form and the
EmployerPositions form—will make it easier to enter, view, and update data in the
Northeast database. The EmployersAndPositions report presents important information
about NSJI’s employer clients in an attractive and professional format, which will help
Zack and his staff in their marketing efforts.
Session 4.2 Quick Check
1. In a form that contains a main form and a subform, what data is displayed in the
main form and what data is displayed in the subform?
2. Describe how you use the navigation buttons to move through a form containing a
main form and a subform.
3. Each item on a report in Design view is called a(n) .
4. The button appears any time Access identifies a possible error in a
report (or form) while you are working on the design of the report (or form).
5. To insert a picture in a report, the report must be displayed in
To reinforce the tasks you
learned in this session, go
to the SAM 2003 Training
Companion CD included
with this text.
6. Any text or pictures placed in the
section of a report will appear
only on the first page of the report.
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