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Session 4.2
Tutorial Summary
In this tutorial, you learned how to create a form using the Form Wizard and how to
change the form’s AutoFormat after you created it. Using the navigation buttons provided at
the bottom of the form window and various keyboard techniques, you moved through the
records in a form. You also used the Find command to locate specific form records, and
included wildcard characters to search for records by specifying only a partial field value.
In addition, you previewed and printed selected form records, and maintained table data
using a form. With the one-to-many relationship already established between the necessary
tables, you were able to create a form with a main form and a subform to display data from
both tables at the same time. You also used the Report Wizard to create a report displaying
data from two related tables. Working in Design view, you modified the report by resizing
label and text box controls. You also learned about the new Error Checking Options button,
which identifies potential design errors in a form or report and helps you to correct them, if
necessary. Finally, you learned how to insert and reposition a picture in a report to add
visual interest.
Key Terms
AutoForm Wizard
detail record
Error Checking Options
Find command
Form Wizard
grouped report
label control
main form
Report Header section
Report Wizard
text box control
wildcard character
Review Assignments
Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: Recruits.mdb ( cont. from Tutorial 3 ) and
Elsa wants to enhance the Recruits database with forms and reports, and she asks you to
complete the following:
Gain practice with the
skills you learned in the
tutorial using the same
case scenario.
1. Open the Recruits database located in the Brief\Review folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Use the Form Wizard to create a form based on the Student table. Select all fields for the
form, the Columnar layout, the SandStone style, and the title Student Data for the form.
3. Use the form you created in the previous step to print the fifth form record. Change
the AutoFormat to Sumi Painting, save the changed form, and then print the fifth form
record again.
4. Use the Student Data form to update the Student table as follows:
a. Use the Find command to move to the record with StudentID STO1323. Change
the field values for FirstName to Nathaniel, City to Perth, and BirthDate to 4/2/85
for this record.
b. Use the Find command to move to the record with StudentID KIE2760, and then
delete the record.
c. Add a new record with the following field values:
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