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Session 4.2
Nation: Spain
BirthDate: 5/1/85
Gender: M
SSN: 977-07-1798
d. Print only this form record, and then close the form.
5. Rename the form object to StudentData .
6. Use the Form Wizard to create a form containing a main form and a subform. Select the
FirstName, LastName, and SSN fields from the Recruiter table for the main form, and
select all fields except SSN from the Student table for the subform. Use the Datasheet
layout and the Sumi Painting style. Specify the title Recruiter Students for the main form
and the title Student Subform for the subform. Resize all columns in the subform to
their best fit. Use Design view to resize the main form and the subform so that all fields
are visible in the subform at the same time. Resize the Form window in Form view, as
necessary, so that all fields are visible at the same time. Print the fourth main form
record and its subform records. Save and close the form. Rename the main form object
to RecruiterStudents and the subform object to StudentSubform .
7. Use the Report Wizard to create a report based on the primary Recruiter table and
the related Student table. Select all fields from the Recruiter table, and then select all
fields from the Student table except SSN, in the following order: FirstName,
LastName, City, Nation, BirthDate, Gender, StudentID. Sort the detail records in
ascending order by Nation. Choose the Align Left 2 layout and the Formal style for
the report. Specify the title Recruiters and Students for the report.
8. Display the Recruiters and Students report in Design view and maximize the Report
window. Then do the following:
a. Choose the error checking option to ignore the error identified for the Nation label
b. Reduce the size of the Nation label control by one mark on the horizontal ruler
(from the right); then widen the FirstName label control to the left so that it is fully
displayed in the report.
c. Reduce the size of both the City label control and its associated text box in the
Detail section so that their left edges begin at the mark immediately before the
3-inch mark on the horizontal ruler. Then widen the LastName label control to
the right so that it is fully displayed in the report.
d. Widen the Gender label control to the right to the mark immediately after the 5-inch
mark on the horizontal ruler; the Gender label control should touch the adjacent
StudentID label control.
9. Switch to Print Preview and make sure that all the labels are completely displayed.
10. Insert the Travel picture, which is located in the Brief\Review folder provided with
your Data Files, in the Report Header section of the Recruiters and Students report.
Position the picture so that its left edge aligns with the 4-inch mark on the horizontal
ruler and its top edge is just below the top border line of the report.
11. Print only the first page of the report, and then close and save the modified report.
12. Rename the report object to RecruitersAndStudents .
13. If your database is stored on a floppy disk, you will need to turn off the Compact on
Close feature before closing the Recruits database because there isn’t enough room
on the disk to compact the database. If your database is stored on a hard drive or a
network drive, no action is necessary.
14. Close the Recruits database.
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