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Session 4.2
Case Problem 1
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: Videos.mdb ( cont. from Tutorial 3 ) and
Lim’s Video Photography Youngho Lim wants the Videos database to include forms and
reports that will help him track and view information about his clients and their video
shoot events. You’ll create the necessary forms and reports by completing the following:
Using what you learned
in the tutorial, create
forms and a report to
work with and display
data about video pho-
tography events.
1. Open the Videos database located in the Brief\Case1 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Use the Form Wizard to create a form based on the Client table. Select all fields for
the form, the Columnar layout, and the Ricepaper style. Specify the title Client Data
for the form.
3. Change the AutoFormat for the Client Data form to Standard.
4. Use the Find command to move to the record with ClientID 338, and then change
the Address field value for this record to 2150 Brucewood Avenue.
5. Use the Client Data form to add a new record with the following field values:
ClientID: 351
ClientName: Peters, Amanda
Address: 175 Washington Street
City: Berkeley
State: CA
Zip: 94704
Phone: 510-256-1007
Print only this form record, and then save and close the form.
6. Rename the form object to ClientData .
7. Use the Form Wizard to create a form containing a main form and a subform. Select
all the fields from the Client table for the main form, and select all fields except
ClientID from the Contract table for the subform. Use the Tabular layout and the
Standard style. Specify the title Contracts by Client for the main form and the title
Contract Subform for the subform.
8. Print the seventh main form record and its subform records, and then close the
Contracts by Client form.
9. Rename the main form object to ContractsByClient and the subform object to
ContractSubform .
10. Use the Report Wizard to create a report based on the primary Client table and the
related Contract table. Select all the fields from the Client table, and select all the
fields from the Contract table except ClientID. Sort the detail records in ascending
order by ContractID. Choose the Align Left 2 layout and the Casual style. Specify the
title Client Contracts for the report.
11. Switch to Design view, and then widen the Phone text box control so that the Phone
field values are completely displayed in the report, if necessary.
12. Insert the Camcord picture, which is located in the Brief\Case1 folder provided with
your Data Files, in the Report Header section of the Client Contracts report. Position
the picture so that its left edge aligns with the 4-inch mark on the horizontal ruler and
its top edge is just below the top border line of the report.
13. Print only the first page of the report, and then close and save the modified report.
14. Rename the report object to ClientContracts .
15. Close the Videos database.
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