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Session 4.2
Case Problem 3
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: Redwood.mdb ( cont. from Tutorial 3 ) and
Redwood Zoo Michael Rosenfeld wants to create forms and reports for the Redwood
database. You’ll help him create these database objects by completing the following:
Use what you learned,
plus some new skills, to
create forms and a
report to work with and
display data about a
zoo’s patrons.
1. Open the Redwood database located in the Brief\Case3 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. If your Redwood database is stored on a floppy disk, you will need to delete the files
Redwood97.mdb and Redwood2002.mdb from your disk so you will have enough
room to complete the steps. If your database is stored on a hard drive or a network
drive, no action is necessary.
3. Use the Form Wizard to create a form based on the Pledge table. Select all fields for
the form, the Columnar layout, and the Blueprint style. Specify the title Pledge Info
for the form.
4. Use the Pledge Info form to update the Pledge table as follows:
a. Use the Find command to move to the record with PledgeID 2490, and then
change the FundCode to B11 and the TotalPledged amount to 75.
b. Add a new record with the following values:
PledgeID: 2977
DonorID: 59021
FundCode: M23
PledgeDate: 12/15/2006
TotalPledged: 150
PaymentMethod: C
PaymentSchedule: S
c. Print just this form record.
d. Delete the record with PledgeID 2900.
5. Change the AutoFormat of the Pledge Info form to Expedition, save the changed form,
and then use the form to print the last record in the Pledge table. Close the form.
6. Rename the form object to PledgeInfo .
7. Use the Form Wizard to create a form containing a main form and a subform. Select
all the fields from the Donor table for the main form, and select the PledgeID,
FundCode, PledgeDate, and TotalPledged fields from the Pledge table for the sub-
form. Use the Datasheet layout and the Expedition style. Specify the title Donors and
Pledges for the main form and the title Pledge Subform for the subform.
8. Display record 11 in the main form. Print the current main form record and its sub-
form records, and then close the Donors and Pledges form.
9. Rename the main form object to DonorsAndPledges and the subform object to
PledgeSubform .
10. Use the Report Wizard to create a report based on the primary Donor table and the
related Pledge table. Select the DonorID, FirstName, LastName, and Class fields from
the Donor table, and select all fields from the Pledge table except DonorID. In the third
Report Wizard dialog box, specify the FundCode field as an additional grouping level.
Sort the detail records in descending order by TotalPledged. Choose the Align Left 2 lay-
out, Landscape orientation, and the Soft Gray style. Specify the title Donors and
Pledges for the report.
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