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Session 4.2
11. Insert the Animals picture, which is located in the Brief\Case3 folder provided with
your Data Files, in the Report Header section of the Donors and Pledges report.
Position the picture so that its left edge aligns with the 4-inch mark on the horizontal
ruler and its top edge is just below the top border line of the report.
12. Use the “Type a question for help” box to ask the following question: “How do I add
a special effect to an object?” Click the topic “Make a control appear raised, sunken,
shadowed, chiseled, or etched.” Read the information, and then close the Help win-
dow and the Search Results task pane. Add the Shadowed special effect to the
Animals picture, and then save the report.
13. Print only pages 1 and 7 of the report, and then close it.
14. Rename the report object to DonorsAndPledges .
15. If your database is stored on a floppy disk, you will need to turn off the Compact on
Close feature before closing the Redwood database because there isn’t enough room
on the disk to compact the database. If your database is stored on a hard drive or a
network drive, no action is necessary.
16. Close the Redwood database.
Case Problem 4
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: GEM.mdb (cont. from Tutorial 3) and Villa.bmp
GEM Ultimate Vacations Griffin and Emma MacElroy want to create forms and reports
that will help them track and analyze data about their clients and the luxury properties
they rent. Help them enhance the GEM database by completing the following:
With the figures pro-
vided as guides, create
a form and a report to
display and manage
data for this luxury
rental agency.
1. Open the GEM database located in the Brief\Case4 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Create the form shown in Figure 4-35. Be certain to resize all columns in the subform
to their best fit.
Figure 4-35
fields from mai n
form (Guest)
fields from subform
3. Using the form you just created, print the third main form record and its subform records.
4. Navigate to the second record in the subform for the third main record, and then
change the People field value to 5.
5. Use the Find command to move to the record with GuestID 224, and then change
the EndDate field value to 5/5/2007.
6. Use the appropriate wildcard character to find all records with a Phone value that
begins with the area code 630. How many records did you find? Close the form.
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