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Session 4.2
7. Rename the form object to GuestsAndReservations and the subform object to
ReservationSubform .
8. Use the Report Wizard to create the report shown in Figure 4-36.
Figure 4-36
Villa picture inserted
fields from
table (Guest)
Align Left 1
Formal style
fields from
related table
detail records
sorted by
ReservationID in
ascending order
Hints : Resize the Phone text box control in order to display the Phone field values in
the report fully. When inserting the Villa picture (located in the Brief\Case4 folder
provided with your Data Files), position the picture so that its left edge aligns with the
3-inch mark on the horizontal ruler and its top edge is just below the top border line
of the report. Also, use the bottom center or right handle (as necessary) to resize the
Villa picture so that it fits within the lines of the report header.
9. Insert the same Villa picture in the Report Footer section of the Guest Reservations
report. (Items placed in the Report Footer section appear only once, at the end of the
report.) Position the picture so that its right edge aligns with the right edge of the
report, at approximately the 6.5-inch mark on the horizontal ruler. Save the report.
10. View the first two pages of the report in Print Preview at the same time. ( Hint : Use a
toolbar button.) Use the Page navigation buttons to move through the report, display-
ing two pages at a time. Print only the first and last pages of the report, and then
close the report.
11. Rename the report object to GuestReservations .
12. Close the GEM database.
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